04 dezembro, 2008


Kumari & Anapayini, Alachua, 2006
© Michael Bühler-Rose

A última bolsa da Humble Arts Foundation (concedida duas vezes por ano, Primavera e Outono) foi atribuída ao americano Michael Bühler-Rose que submeteu a concurso um interessante trabalho de retrato que nos leva também o olhar para a elegância, harmonia e sumptuosidade dos saris com dobras a fazer lembrar a pintura clássica.
Ainda dentro da Humble Arts Foundation vale a pena passar pelo trabalho Nevada Rose, de Marc McAndrews.

O statement de Michael Bühler-Rose é este:

In my project Constructing the Exotic I look at the ideas and structures of exoticism by photographing the theatrical reality of Eastern-raised women in the West and the unique relationship they create with the Western landscape and conventions of exoticism within the history of painting. In continuing my practice, I am interested in looking further into the political structures inherent within historical works.

Beyond the beauty of the Dutch Still-life lays the evidence of Dutch colonial power: its imports of exotic spices and goods from India. You can currently purchase any of these Indian imports, plus anything else you can find in the streets of Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, or Chennai, in the 'Little India' sections of various major cities of the world. This new project 'Little Indian Still-lifes' will feature a mixture of contemporary and traditional items purchased in these 'Little Indias', including Bollywood videos; Indian fruits, vegetables and flowers; cloth; lamps; betel nuts; magazines; posters; books; jewelry; and cooking utensils, among other items.

The photographs will reference the lighting, compositions, and scale of the Dutch still-life tradition in order to create an aesthetic experience of near recognition while still allowing disorienting puncture points to come through. Although visually similar to the Dutch still-life, these pictures do not evidence Western colonial power but rather a reverse of power, of India settling the West.

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